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United States Solar and Wind Power Markets
China's Energy Market
Tight Resources in a Burgeoning World
Driven largely by federal mandates and incentives, investments in solar and wind power continue to increase. While fossil fuels generate the vast majority of electricity, renewables are slowly increasing their share of the market. In order to understand the benefits to this industry one must look at the quantity and value of domestically manufactured products consumed as opposed to components sourced outside the U.S. Read More

China's energy usage continues to grow at double digit rates as its burgeoning middle class increases the country's energy intensity. In addition to conventional sources, China continues to ratchet up its investments in renewable energy to meet demand. Government policies impact not only the domestic market but the global market as well. Read More

Heat waves, floods, growing population, increased demand for oil, copper and other commodities are causing wide price fluctuations and governments to increase purchases or limit exports depending upon which side of the resource table they sit. There are many variables that play into the equation. Some commodities are more dependent upon economic conditions, while others are affected by weather. In either case a growing a more affluent population will place increasing strains on limited resources. Read More

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-Dr. Harold Michels, Sr. Vice President, Copper Development Association Inc.



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