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About Us

Global Market Consultants, Inc. is an exceptional research and consultancy firm serving a number of markets and industries throughout the world. 

Our industry expertise provides guidance and understanding of technological trends and the dynamics of ever changing markets. Through in-depth strategic analysis we help our clients to maximize the value proposition. Our consultancy services enable our clients to make decisions regarding strategy, marketing and technology.

Our Mission

To create a positive societal impact by providing exemplary market research and consultancy that focuses on our core strengths: green building, energy efficiency and renewable energy.

Our success is measured by the diversity of our corporate, government and non-profit clients in terms of business conducted and geographical reach.

Company Synopsis

Global Market Consultants Inc. provides government bodies, non-profit organizations and commercial enterprises with in-depth market analysis in order to develop strategies and tackle key issues.

We provide comprehensive reports which analyze macro-and micro-environmental factors to evaluate changes in the market. These changes in the market are often the source of new opportunities and threats. Our expert analysts identify industry trends which can significantly influence organizational operations, profitability, societal needs, and environmental concerns.

Other relevant trends examined are industry-dependent, but some examples include changes in price sensitivity, demand for variety, and level of emphasis on service and support. Regional trends also may be applied.

How we can assist your company

Global Market Consultants, Inc. has conducts strategic analysis related to various industries. Through our extensive analysis we have identified opportunities that provided direction enabling our client’s to successfully meet their objectives.

Whether it’s understanding industry trends, discerning the impact of regulations, or seeking specific market knowledge, we can help your organization meet its goals. To learn more on how we can assist you, please contact Emil Milker at 727-239-7524 or by email at emilker@gmarketc.com


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