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Global Market Consultants, Inc. (GMC) helps its clients in developing strategies, that are turned into actionable items that provide tangible results. Our highly dedicated teams' have been successful in helping clients take strategies and turn them in actionable results that meet their objectives. Below is a sample of projects we have completed for clients.

Energy Infrastructure
U.S. Energy Infrastructure Market Study

Global Market Consultants executed a comprehensive analysis of the United States utility-grid energy infrastructure market. The analysis covered the current and future energy needs of the United States; changes to power delivery systems; the amount investment needed to meet current and future power needs; retrofitting and retirement of plants; reduction of CO2 emissions; mandates for cleaner burning fuels; problems faced in connecting renewable energy to the power to the grid; as well as transmission limitations.

Clearly defined recommendations and conclusions were developed, that identified the issues that would have the highest impact on the client's business in the energy infrastructure industry.  The recommendations included strategies that detailed the importance of current and future trends in the industry and gave actionable steps to be taken in response to these trends. Based upon the strategy and recommendations, the client formulated a plan of action that facilitated the efforts to increase their market share. 




Solar Energy


U.S. Concentrating Solar Power Market Study


Global Market Consultants, Inc. (GMC) conducted an in-depth analysis of the United States solar energy market related to utility-interactive energy grids prior to transmission to the end-user—residential and commercial consumers. This entailed a detailed examination of the market drivers, key influencers and decision makers throughout the channel. While the focus of the analysis was on the total U.S. market, GMC also analyzed regional activities and drivers to take into account any similarities or dissimilarities in the approaches taken.

GMC developed a detailed product specific database to quantify materials used in the utility-interactive grid-connected solar energy systems from the point solar energy is harnessed by solar cells which comprise the array to the energy inverter to the distribution panels to the energy loads to the point prior to end-user consumption.

The project team developed a clearly defined, action based market strategy for the client. The strategic plan laid out the importance of current and future trends in the industry and gave specific response procedures to follow in defined time periods.  The plan presented a United States market view, identified key market issues by region with suggested responses. A strategic plan was formulated to provide action based responses to current and future threats that could impact the client's business in the utility-interactive grid-connected solar energy industry.


Geothermal Energy


U.S. DX Geothermal Heat Pump Market Study


Global Market Consultants, Inc. (GMC) performed an extensive analysis of Direct Exchange (DX) Geothermal Heat Pump market. GMC analyzed major environmental benefits of geothermal heating and cooling. Information on the various efforts being made by the federal and state governments to increase the market for geothermal heating/cooling including efficiency regulations and incentive programs were reviewed. A detailed assessment of regulations concerning the use of DXG heat pumps was completed, which included federal and state codes specifically regarding well drilling regulations that limit or prohibit the use of copper underground.

From the market strategy developed, the client was able to realign their efforts and improve their position in the market. The steps recommended proved to be cost-effective and enabled the client to better utilize their financial and human resources to meet their objectives.

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