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Green Building

Green building is the process of designing, renovating, and constructing a building using an environmentally responsible approach.  Green buildings create societal, economic and environmental benefits to the people who occupy the building as well as the surrounding community. Research shows that building green produces substantial energy and cost savings, and leads to an overall healthier environment for occupants.   

Green building encompasses a number of components including: furniture, water saving fixtures, heating and cooling equipment, ventilation systems, lighting controls, windows, wood, roofs, and impervious materials.  There are a number of factors considered in designing sustainable buildings including: the proximity of the product produced to the building, rapidly renewable materials, energy efficiency ratings, low embodied energy, durability and affordability. 

State and local governments are increasingly embracing and promoting green buildings. Manufacturers of building components are facing increasing pressure from local and federal governments through mandated efficiency and product specification regulations.  Through advocacy groups, legislation and consumer demand; green building has become more widely accepted.  In a world placing increased emphasis on sustainable living, the need for knowledge and dissemination of information continues to increase.   

The potential economic and societal benefit for contractors, manufacturers, homeowners, and building owners is tremendous.  The market for green buildings has surpassed $30 Billion and is growing.  At Global Market Consultants, our cross functional teams help manufacturers, private and public non-profit organizations, and governmental bodies to understand the intricacies of green building and how best to implement and achieve their goals. 

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